Cell Phones And The City

City of Sheridan may ban or limit cell phone use by their employees.
City of Sheridan may ban or limit cell phone use by their employees.

The City of Sheridan is taking a serious look at developing a policy that would restrict cell phone use for city employees and perhaps ban the use of them altogether in some cases. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey is seeking input from city department heads on any comments or suggestions they may have regarding the need for cell phones and possible ban.

The Mayor said that department heads have until April 15th to submit their suggestions and ideas on employee cell phone usage.

as a a mother

As a mother,teaching my teens how to drive safely,I have always upheld the idea that cell phone use while driving is dangerous to them and other drivers on the road. This is a hard point to get across to them when we frequently see police officers using their cell phones while driving. It is a proven fact that cell phone use by drivers lessens their awareness of their surroundings and distracts the driver. Ive seen several law personal on a cell phone and almost go through red lights or fail to use proper turn signals when turning. I want my children to have respect for the law but when an officer shows no respect for the safety of other drivers it makes it difficult. I do not believe that law inforcement needs to communicate with one another by the use of cell phones...if they do then they TOO should pull over safely to recieve or make a call. I do however believe that police officers are human and they can cause accidents with negligence just as anyone can. Our law enforcement personnel needs to set and be an example to all drivers on the road.Safety comes first!

I agree!

I don't know how many times I have seen policemen talking on their cells phones. A couple weeks ago I saw someone in a Sheriff's vehicle TEXTING! It made me want to ram into him......But I didn't! It's bad enough as it is, I am driving 2 little ones in my car everyday and would like to be comforted in knowing at least the cops are being safe. But I guess even they don't care about road safety anymore!

Law enforcement sometimes

Law enforcement sometimes has all sorts of interesting things in their vehicles. Maybe a radio? Perhaps a computer? Yes, they use cellphones as well!

They have to multitask and do multiple things at the same time (i.e. drive and talk on the radio). And guess what? They are pretty good at it.

I get more worried about the average joe talking on their cellphone while driving. Some of you are so immersed in your conversations that are incapable of driving your vehicles in a safe manner. Cops are the last people you need to worry about.

Wrong! They are not above


They are not above ANY law ....

It shows a person's

It shows a person's character when there is a subject and the first thing they do is think about who is doing something wrong.....especially before using some logical thinking first. Officers NEED their phones to communicate with other officers with out it becoming public knowledge. This is in your best interest, trust me. Criminals are smart and sneaky and with that officers have to use ways to communicate to avoid 'tipping' someone off. There was an incident recently where a sex offender was on the run and with the help of communication options the offender was caught before another victim was perpetrated. Personally, I could care less if an officer is using a cell phone considering they are working to keep this town safe!

Ummmm....did I say they

Ummmm....did I say they were? No.

Sure Law Enforcement is

Sure Law Enforcement is above the Law.Just watch a Highway Patrolman travel the Interstate at 100 plus MPH endangering other motorists,in order to catch up with and ticket someone who was traveling at a whole 79 mph. It's all pawned off as "Enforcement of State Statute or Federal Law".

All you'll see is rhetoric about "required for the performance of their duties" etc. The last police chief that kinskey installed did away with 10 codes so you immediately doubled the amount of police cell phone use for privacy purposes.

There's been a number of instances locally where law enforcement has had accidents directly related to not paying attention while driving.

It is the duty of an officer

It is the duty of an officer to pull people over for speeding. There are times that the speeder isnt just speeding, they are also trafficking drugs or have a kidnapped victim in their car. Have you thought of that? OUr interstate here is traveled by people who are traveling across the country. Traffic violations can lead to further arrests and charges.

And do you know for a fact that the officers werent paying attention while they were driving? And if so, did you look at how many hours/years they have been driving for just work purposes. Id say its going to happen at some point. Have you been in an accident or had a speeding ticket?

You got us completely off

You got us completely off the topic. The post I replied to was talking about it being dangerous for a deputy to text. Then someone replies to my post alleging a deputy texting is breaking the law. The last time I checked, at this day and time, texting while driving is legal.

As for your comment, law enforcement are trained to drive at those speeds and I don't think they are endangering anyone.

The elimination of ten codes and the use of cell phones are not related. Cell phones are most likely used to discuss things that officers don't want discusses in "Scannerland" where it can be overheard.

The elimination of ten codes has happened all over the country and is a result of 9-11. Law enforcement agencies from different jurisdictions and areas need to communicate with one another and when you have different ten codes being used all over the place, it made it hard for agencies to communicate.

I don't doubt law enforcement personnel have been in several accidents. The cause of those might be conjecture. When you drive around as much as they do, you are bound to be in accidents.

Thank you Chris for bringing

Thank you Chris for bringing some logic to this conversation!

Nothing better to do

Doesn't the mayor have anything else worth worrying about?

Well considering that

Well considering that kinskey has a cell phone welded to the side of his head.Is he going to be exempt?


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