Cell Phone Policy Discussed at School Board Meeting

JCSD1 Board of Trustees
JCSD1 Board of Trustees

The new policy at Buffalo High School prohibiting use of cell phones during school hours was discussed at the Johnson County School Board meeting Monday night.

The policy, which was adopted earlier this summer, cited disruptions and distractions caused by electronic devices and the inappropriate use of them, including cyber bullying and harassment, as reasons for prohibiting the use of the devices during the school day, with the exception of the students' lunch hour.

BHS Principal Jodi Ibach {EYE-bok} was asked by the board if she had seen or heard anything regarding the policy.

Ibach thinks most people are excited about the policy, saying a student had said to her that they were looking forward to the implementation of the policy in the coming year.

She believes it will not be a problem, but admitted there may be some students that may test the policy.
She said the biggest issue may be making sure that the adults, the teachers and administrators, follow through with the consequences when students are caught with them.

The board also suggested that teachers and administrators could also serve as role models for the students and put their phones away during class hours, which Ibach agreed with, saying she hoped as long as students were in front of teachers that they would be concentrating on them and not on their phones or devices.

We will have a follow-up on the cell phone policy in an upcoming story.


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