Car Hijacking Strangely Leads To Pot Bust

Car Hijacking Strangely Leads To Pot Bust

Three individuals were recently arrested in southern Wyoming in a peculiar case involving 170 pounds of high grade marijuana and a carjacking. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the details:

What is strange about this case is not necessarily the amount of marijuana seized—though with a street value of about $425,000 it is not cupcakes either. What was odd about this case was not so much the “how much,”

That was Sergeant Stephen Townsend with the Wyoming Highway Patrol. And yes, you did hear correctly—two of the three individuals now in custody were the ones who originally reported that their vehicle was stolen by people driving a red SUV:

Sergeant Townsend says one person in the SUV leaped from the vehicle while it was moving and tried to flee, but was quickly captured and taken into custody. The driver of the SUV eventually crashed the vehicle into a snow bank and escaped. As of Tuesday evening, a warrant for his arrest was pending.

The other three individuals remain in custody. The two victims of the carjacking were believed to have been transporting the nearly half-a million dollar load of marijuana from Utah to an unknown location in the State of North Carolina. Though these individuals are now facing charges for transporting and possessing significant quantities of high grade marijuana—on the bright side, at least they found their car.

For Sheridan News, this is Betsy Love reporting.

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