Car Crash Fatalities Are Up This Year

Wyoming Highway Fatalities are up for the year.
Wyoming Highway Fatalities are up for the year.

Car crash fatalities around Wyoming are up by almost 20 this year. Sergeant John Townsend says while there is not necessarily one particular cause for these higher numbers:

He reminds drivers that this is an especially precarious time of year:

The most recent accident, which happened in Carbon County, resulted in the 147th car crash fatality for the year.  Last year at this same time Wyoming’s fatality count was at 128.

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my thought

I would venture to guess its

I would venture to guess its from cell phones, alcohol, and old people who still have their license and shouldnt.

The reason for the accidents

The reason for the accidents is not only for cell phone use but also people of all ages not paying attention to the road and the conditions of the roads.

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