Caesar's in the House

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Caesar, the Allosaurus
Caesar, the Allosaurus

Friday, Sheridan College held an open house to introduce the community to the Edward A. Whitney Academic Center. Bright, shiny and brand spanking new, the facility boasts more space and houses a new book store, all student services, and many new classrooms.

Mary Jo Johnson acknowledges some community misconception surrounding the building.

Students are the priority, but Johnson notes, the college is also about community.

“Caesar,” the Allosaurus dinosaur, situated upstairs on the mezzanine was one of the highlights of the open house. Discovered by college instructor, Michael Flynn in Johnson County in 1993, Johnson says Caesar is central to education.

Caesar wasn't found all in one piece; he was assembled using resin casts of his bones along with those of another Allsosaurus found near Shell and now, is a complete skeleton.

Flynn says it was a cooperative effort by hundreds bringing this project to completion.

Sheridan College was established in 1948.

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