Busy Day In Sheridan County Circuit Court

Nicholas and Jennifer Edwards made their first appearance in Circuit Court on Tuesday. The husband and wife are charged with intent to distribute marijuana and felony child endangerment for having their 11-year-old son in the house while the couple used methamphetamine. Judge John Sampson set a $15,000 cash only bond on both of them. Each could receive up to 15 years in prison for the charges.

19-year-old Kristen Kline and 23-year-old Destiny Pyke both made their first appearances on burglary charges based on separate incidents. Kline was arrested in Florida and is charged with burglarizing a home in early 2009. Pyke was arrested after breaking into Quiznos on Saturday morning and taking cash from the register. Bail for both women was set at $10,000 cash. The penalty for burglary is a maximum 10 years in prison.

Judge Sampson also presided over a preliminary hearing for Tyler Feaster. Feaster is accused of third degree sexual abuse of a minor. According to testimony during the hearing, Feaster was in Wal-Mart in July 2009 when he slapped and 11-year-old girl on the bottom. Video surveillance captured Feaster entering the game room shortly after the victim and later running from the scene, getting in his vehicle and speeding away. Judge Sampson ordered Feaster bound over to District Court for trial. Feaster could receive up to 15 years in prison if he’s convicted. The next step will be an arraignment in 4th Judicial District Court.

ok this is for the issue

ok this is for the issue involving the couple that was arrested. i dont appreciate all the cooments that were made at their expense, especially the mother you know thw one with NO criminal record and noone was there so noone has a right to say anything. Besides how many of you actually know her..... go ahead i'll wait............. thought so . So if you dont know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut. thank you and have a great day. p.s her possession charge was dropped just f.y.i

I agree about above comment

I agree about above comment on the couple.. if you really don't know them, and don't have anything positive to say, don't. As for me, I've known both of them personally for years. It's a good thing charges were dropped for Jennifer, she's always had a clean slate. As for Nick, honestly he is a good guy deep down as I've know this side of him for many years. Sure he might have a checkered past and it's unfortunate that there's other people that got him involved in this sort of thing. If you know both of them personally, or even just one of them, please support them - I know good and well Jennifer is taking this hard and she needs your support.

I'm not saying it was right

I'm not saying it was right at all, it was wrong and it is not ok! Yes there should be a punishment, but I feel 15yrs ia a little much.

I believe the punishment is

I believe the punishment is a litt muvh considering, the mother has NO criminal background.

Holy Crap!

Holy crap! You can get 15 years for slapping a girl on the butt?!?

Seriously this is

Seriously this is ridiculous! who has an eleven year old child left alone where this can happen, 15 years is ridiculous, whos to say this tyler person isnt suffering from an abuse in his life and needs help?????? 15 years for slapping a bottom but probation for someone who has had 5 or more DUIs and they keep drinking and driving because they wernt punished and kills someone! Im not saying it was right but 15 years? It is horrible that this happened but 15 years ???????

no sentence yet

It says he could receive up to 15 years. He has not been found guilty or sentenced yet. Obviously he knew it was wrong because he ran away after he did it. If he is guilty, maybe a harsh sentence would prevent him from becoming a full out predator. It sounds like he may be on his way. As far as being compared to someone with 5 DUI's receiving probation, I think our judicial system is too lenient on a lot of stuff. If our system handed down stricter sentences maybe it would stop some of these crimes from happening. I'm saying as a parent if someone was guilty of slapping my 11 year old daughter on the butt I would hope for at least this sentence and 1 hour alone with him.


An 11 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!! You really have to ask?!!!!

People in this town are so

People in this town are so judgemental! Should you arrest the coach of a highschool football team for a smack on the a**? It's funny how someone can molest or abuse a child, maybe do meth infront of them, and they get an ankle braclet with some probation! OHHHH but noooooo, lets prosecute someone for a smack on the a**! LOOK OUT ALL ATHLETIC COACHES- NO MORE GOOD GAME (SMACKS) IN THIS TOWN! The judicial system is soooo messed up here and everywhere else! All people want to do in this town is read the paper to find out who did what, because they are soooo damn bored with their own lives! Sounds like fun, lets gossip about others, cause my life is soooo boring!!!

not even close to the same

This slap wasn't even in the same vacinity as a slap on the rear during a football game. You're reaching. You obviously don't have children. There is a BIG difference between a coach smacking a kid on the rear to say, "go get em" and a predator hanging out in a game room at Wal-mart looking to smack the rear of a little girl & then running away knowing it was wrong. It is not about being judgmental.


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