Building Inspector's Report To Council

Building Inspector's Report To Council

City of Buffalo Building Inspector Toby Rhoades gave his report to the Buffalo City Council at their last meeting, discussing vouchers for the city-wide cleanup, the recent flag ceremony at City hall, and grass issues within the city.

Rhoades began by telling the council that at least 56 vouchers had been issued as of the meeting, and he expected more to be issued as the week progressed. City residents could pick up a voucher and use it to clean their property and homes of unwanted materials and take it to the landfill for free, with the city paying the bill.
This is an annual offering by the city.

Councilman Russ Humphrey asked about the tall grass he has seen around town, and wondered what Rhoades was planning to do.

Rhoades also said the flag raising ceremony at City Hall for the new flag and flag pole was a success, although there was some confusion on the time it started.
He explained there are a limited number of Boy Scouts in Buffalo and they had two events that day so the time of the flag ceremony was moved from 1pm to noon so the scouts could participate in both events.

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