Building Inspector Reports to City Council

Toby Rhoades
Toby Rhoades

Buffalo Building Inspector Toby Rhoades, in his report to the city council, gave a written recap of what his office had done for the previous year.

One statistic not included in the report, was the city has 187 registered contractors, of which are 26 electricians that the city does not charge license fees for, but are registered with the city.

He also reported that he had completed final inspection on the new building on Flatiron Drive that will house D. Michael Thomas' studio; and that the new Cenex station on East Hart Street had requested final inspection, which he was expecting to get done the next day.

Councilman Stan Lakin said he had been asked by residents in the Shiloh Subdivision about getting weeds and grass taken care of in some of the lots in the subdivision.
Lakin asked Rhoades what had been done about the situation.

Rhoades explained.

Mayor Randy Dyess suggested that City Attorney Ben Kirven send the company a letter asking them to take care of the weed and grass problem on their lot.

Councilman Russ Humphrey then asked about similar issues in the Greenleaf Subdivision, and Rhoades explained that the developer of that subdivision had mowed fifteen feet back from the street on property he owns, but the rest is private property that Rhoades had not contacted to suggest they mow their properties.

Humphrey also asked Rhoades to contact the owner of the vacant buildings on Western Avenue to have those lots mowed as well.
The Mayor agreed, saying he would like to see the owner “clean it up”
or the city may have to take care of it.

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