Building Inspector Gives Year-End Report

Building Inspector Gives Year-End Report

Buffalo's City Building Inspector/Project Coordinator Tom Hulick has taken a look at some year-end reports concerning building and construction in the city and found mixed results. Aaron Palmer has the report.

According to Hulick, residential construction has slowed recently, while in other areas it remains busy.

Hulick said with some residential projects he has seen a surprising increase.

The sour economy has been to blame for stagnant growth in most areas of the country, but Hulick said that may not be the only driving factor here locally.

Comparing some numbers during the boom in 2007 to now, there were 49 new house starts in 2007 in the city as compared to only three in 2010. Commercial construction has remained fairly consistent with nine in 2007 compared to 10 in 2010, with a low number of three in 2009.

Another indication of a slow economy is contractor's license renewals, which are down significantly this year, Hulick said.

But, as Hulick said, some contractors may wait until they have jobs to renew their licenses so the numbers may be artificially low right now and may rebound in the coming months.

From the Johnson County News Desk, I'm Aaron Palmer with news.

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