Buffalo's Zach Montgomery Has Book Published

Buffalo's Zach Montgomery Has Book Published

Zach Montgomery is currently Buffalo's City Planner, but he recently became a published author for a book entitled “The Roswell Connection.”

Montgomery grew up on a ranch in Arizona, where he, his family and others had come to accept the “strange things in the night sky” as normal. He spent a number of years working as the city planner for Roswell, New Mexico before moving to Buffalo, and it was during those years in Roswell that his interest was piqued because of the “paranormal” activities that area has become known for worldwide.

He began talking to people in the area and experts in the field and eventually formed his own hypothesis on what is going on out there. He was driven to write a fiction novel based on the area, those incidents, and his theory.

Montgomery said the book is a science fiction novel that expresses his views on the Roswell Incident and various conspiracy theories surrounding the incident and other similar incidents.

Montgomery has been writing short stories and penning ideas for books most of his life, but really developed a love for writing in college and has been working on the craft as he can between his professional responsibilities and those involving his family.
He will have another book published in the spring of 2013.

His book “The Roswell Connection” is available by download on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and drivethrufiction.com as an e-book, but hard copies are being printed this fall as well, he said.

More information on hard copies, as well as possible book signings will follow as soon as Montgomery knows more.

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