Buffalo Transfers Ownership of Lands Under Justice Center

Buffalo/Johnson County Justice Center
Buffalo/Johnson County Justice Center

Buffalo's City Council agreed to transfer ownership of some lands not already owned by Johnson County or the Justice Center Joint Powers Board to the entities after a vote Tuesday evening.

The lands are those acquired by the County from the Wyoming Department of Transportation; lands still owned by the City of Buffalo under the courthouse facility now under construction and the completed jail portion of the facility.

The Quitclaim Deed was signed by Mayor Randy Dyess after approval by the Council, and is really just a cleanup of paperwork on file at the courthouse. City Attorney Ben Kirven explains further.

Although the City will own no property under the new justice center or courtroom facility, a $500,000 credit was given to the City for their portion of construction costs of the facility in exchange for City-owned land for the County to build on.

Should something catastrophic occur, lands would revert back to the contributor under the agreement.


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