Buffalo Run Target Shooting Banned

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Buffalo Run Target Shooting Banned

One of Sheridan County's most popular target practice sites has been shut down by the state amid concerns of safety and care of the land.

Sheridan County Commissioner, Terry Cram, explains that the Buffalo Run walk-in area, located approximately 10 miles out of town on Highway 14 East toward Ucross, had become a problem.

In addition to concerns from those using the state land for recreation, an oil rig was set up in that same location. Cram said it became apparent a limited shooting restriction was needed.

An outright ban on target practice over the entire span of state land was implemented June 6 in hopes of assuring safety of the oil rig and addressing the issue of what Cram says are a handful of sport shooters who litter and vandalize the land near the entrances to the walk-in area.

Sheridan's commissioners have asked the restriction to be curtailed.

Currently, there is no recreational shooting, such as target practice, allowed at the Buffalo Run walk-in area. Cram said he would ultimately like to see recreational shooting restored. He feels target practice should be allowed on the land, but farther away from roads and parking areas to discourage irresponsible shooters littering shells and vandalizing fence posts.

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