Buffalo Reviewing, Changing Animal Ordinances

Buffalo Reviewing, Changing Animal Ordinances

Buffalo City Attorney Ben Kirven spoke to the city council, reminding them he had distributed to them copies of the latest changes to the Ordinances pertaining to animals within the city limits.

He suggested if they had any thoughts, concerns or recommended changes to the draft Ordinances, they contact him with the proposed changes so he can get them into a draft form and bring them back to the council for consideration before he puts them in Ordinance form.

He explains his reasoning.

Councilman Russ Humphrey asked about fowl, and what would happen to chickens or roosters that people may already own.
Kirven told him the Ordinances will not be retroactive, but enforceable from the date adopted by the council. Those owning them would be “grandfathered” in, as he put it.

Kiren wrapped his report by saying there have only been minor changes in the Ordinances recently, and that he has distributed copies to those that have asked for them and that so far he has had “not a lot” of feedback, good or bad, on the changes.

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