Buffalo Resident Discovers Human Skull While Installing Post

Buffalo Resident Discovers Human Skull While Installing Post

Buffalo resident Randy Moses was just digging a hole to install a mailbox post when he made an interesting discovery in his yard. He found a human skull in the hole he was digging, according to his wife, Heather Moses.

She said after he called the police and the coroner's office, it was discovered that there was a complete body buried there, a remnant of an abandoned cemetery that was once located near their property. Most of the grave site is under the street in front of their home.

There was a cemetery on the hill at the site of the Union Congregational Church, and although the find was on Tisdale Avenue, it is believed the grave site is part of that old Hart Cemetery, according to Jennifer Romanoski of the Jim Gatchell Museum.

When the area was slated for development and property was purchased and houses began to be built there, the remains of those buried were moved and re-interred at Willow Grove Cemetery, according to Johnson County Coroner Dave Harness.

Harness said it is a shame the body was left there, they have no idea who it is and have no way of finding out who they were due to the lack of records. Ethically it would be great to find out who it is because they may have descendants here still, but it will be nearly impossible without records.

Those responsible for the move apparently missed at least one, probably due to them being in an unmarked grave, he said, and explained what will happen with the grave.

Harness said he doesn't think the grave site is Native American but he will know more once it is exhumed next spring or summer.
There is no way of knowing, he said, if there are any other graves there, short of digging up an entire neighborhood.
If any others are found in the future, he will deal with those as they are found.

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