Buffalo Renews Contract with St. Francis Shelter

Adopt a friend from your local animal shelter.
Adopt a friend from your local animal shelter.

The Buffalo City Council, at their meeting Tuesday, voted to approve the existing service agreement contract with St. Francis Animal Shelter for another year.

The shelter provides sheltering and housing services for the City. The contract will cost the City $1,500 per month beginning in July of this year and running through June of 2012.

Also at the meeting, the Council heard from senior citizens concerned with snow and ice removal and plowing at the senior center’s parking lot.

According to them, the City has not done an adequate job removing and plowing snow and ice, which presents a danger to seniors walking through the lot. They asked the City to do a better job in that department.

The seniors also requested the City to perform maintenance on the lot, filling cracks, potholes and other such jobs to keep the lot safe. The Council approved the requests, and City crews will perform the work.

Finally, with the WAM, or Wyoming Association of Municipalities meetings happening this week in Sheridan, Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess appointed Councilman Bruce Hepp as Buffalo’s voting delegate, and asked for the Council’s approval of his appointment. Hepp was unanimously approved.


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