Buffalo Police Acquire Climbing Wall

Buffalo Police Acquire Climbing Wall

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder asked the Buffalo City Council to approve the department acquiring a mobile climbing wall from the Wyoming National Guard for no cost to the city, other than annual maintenance costs.

The National Guard approached the chief about the wall, saying they were not carrying the wall program forward and were curious if the police department would be interested in it.

Carder discusses the climbing wall further.

Carder told the council the annual costs for the wall would be roughly $2,000 for an officer to take the wall to Utah to have it inspected and have the cables replaced as necessary.
There will be no liability to the city, according to Bill Miller with the Local Government Liability Pool, so long as the operator is certified and the city has waivers in place.

Mayor Randy Dyess suggested the city take possession of the climbing wall, which is valued at $60,000 and offer it as a public service for now until there is an increase in expenses for it, at which time the council can address a fee schedule for users and/or borrowers of the wall.

The council approved Carder acquiring the climbing wall, and he will make the first trip to Utah to have the wall inspected and certified in February of 2014.

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