Buffalo Native Designs Tail For Injured Alligator

Image from Core Institute's Facebook page.
Image from Core Institute's Facebook page.

Buffalo native Sarah Jarvis is using her knowledge of Aerospace Engineering and Bio-Medical Engineering to help change the life of an injured alligator.

She has helped to design a prosthetic tail for an alligator called Mr. Stubbs, that lost his before becoming a resident of the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

They asked for help from the CORE Institute in Phoenix, a leader in orthopedic research where Jarvis is a research associate.

Dr. Marc Jacofsky is the executive vice president of research and development at the CORE Institute, and is the leader of the research team. He explains how they became involved in developing the prosthetic tail.

More than a year of research and development went into the prosthetic tail, according to Jacofsky. Research into the biomechanics of the alligator tail, correct weight and length, density in water, and more.

Sarah Jarvis is part of the team that built the prosthetic tail for Mr. Stubbs, according to Jacofsky.

He sums up the CORE Institute's philosophy.

Jarvis is a 2004 graduate of Buffalo High School, holds an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas and has a Master's Degree from Colorado State University in Bio-Medical Engineering. She is the daughter of Paul and Juli Jarvis of Buffalo.

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