Buffalo Mayor Asking For Public Comment On EPA Proposal

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess
Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess is asking Wyoming residents to make public comment on a proposed Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality Proposal that could mean increased utility costs to Wyomingites as well as damage to the coal industry and local economies if it is pushed through.

The proposal stems from the 1999 Clean Air Act that mandated states develop their own plan (State Implementation Plan, or STIP) for reducing haze by curbing Nitrous Oxide (N2O) emissions and implement them.

Mayor Dyess attended recent public meetings in Cheyenne and Casper and commented on the proposal, speaking against the EPA's plan which will net the same result as the STIP developed by the Wyoming DEQ, but will cost an additional $1.2 Billion to achieve the same goal.
Dyess explains why he is in favor of Wyoming's plan as opposed to the plan from the EPA.

Dyess said the Wyoming STIP is already in effect and had until 2064 to meet the clean air standards set in 1999. The plan is working, he said, as N2O emissions have been reduced and visibility has increased 65% in the state since it's inception.

Dyess was asked if Wyoming is meeting these standards, what is driving the push to implement the EPA plan.

Dyess explained the different technologies will have similar results but costs with the EPA plan are substantially higher than Wyoming's STIP.
Wyoming's plan will reduce Nitrous Oxide levels by 63,000 tons, while the EPA plan will decrease N2O levels by 65,900 tons and cost an extra $1.2 Billion over the costs of the Wyoming Plan.

Dyess is asking residents to contact the EPA and urge them to retain the Wyoming STIP.

Contact information can be found at the end of this story at sheridanmedia.com.

Comments? Send to:

Laurel Dygowski
EPA Region 8
Mailcode 8P-AR
1595 Wynkoop Street
Denver, CO 80202-1129

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