Buffalo to Look into Ownership of Park Lane Strip

Buffalo City Council
Buffalo City Council

The Buffalo City Council, at their last meeting, considered a request by a citizen to take over the maintenance of a strip of land on Park Lane from the residents of the street.

Paul Millhouse, who lives on the street, said maintenance of the land has been taken care of by the residents there for almost fifty years. Millhouse explains what the residents want.

According to City Works Director Les Hook, the City has at least looked into the possibility, but ownership of the land cannot be established, and the City cannot install a sprinkler system or electricity on the land without permission, or the land being signed over to the City.

The Council discussed the issue with Hook, and City Planner Zach Montgomery, who said he had done a search at the courthouse to find who owned the property and found no ownership, nor did he find it listed on any plats for the subdivision.

Mayor Randy Dyess made the suggestion to the Council.

The Council decided to look further into who may own the property before they will make any decisions on the matter.


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