Buffalo, Jo Co Table Resolution to Cut Costs

Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery
Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery

The City of Buffalo and Johnson County are looking into pursuing mineral royalty capital construction grant funding for a proposed infrastructure upgrade in SW Buffalo, but Resolution 1328 was tabled by the city council Tuesday night, after engineering estimates came in higher than expected.

City Planner Zach Montgomery told the council that the original cost was thought to be around $7 million, but engineer's estimates put the cost at just over $12.1 million.

He explained that contingencies and contract administrative fees built into the estimates were, in places, extremely high, which he felt mostly contributed to the higher cost estimate. Montgomery said the entities can pursue the project and fund it as is, or can try another option for funding, if some costs can be trimmed.

The upgrades are for water and sewer lines, curb and gutter, sidewalks and paving on Klondike Road, Cemetery Road and South Burritt to tie in with upgrades and a new grade school that will be built in the area.


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