Buffalo, Jo Co May Hire, Share Engineer

Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery
Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery

The City of Buffalo and Johnson County are studying the possibility of hiring a joint city/county civil engineer to handle a lot of the tasks that are currently hired out to private engineering firms.

Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery discussed the issue with County Commissioner Smokey Wildeman at the commission meeting Tuesday morning.

Montgomery, County Planner Rob Yingling, City Works Director Les Hook and County Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer are all on board with the idea, saying because none of them are engineers, having one at the city's and county's disposal would alleviate possible problems and litigation with projects the entities may be working on in the future.

Wildeman said the idea makes sense as neither entity can keep an engineer busy by themselves, but jointly could justify the expense of hiring one.

The entities will look into which will hire the engineer and which will reimburse the other, because for the engineer to qualify for benefits they must be an employee of one or the other. Other issues with the position will be looked into as well.

The county commissioners and city council approved the four employees to investigate the matter further and report back with their findings before any decisions are made.


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