Buffalo to Install PRV Valve for New CJC

Buffalo to Install PRV Valve for New CJC

Reporting to the Buffalo City Council last week was City Works Director Les Hook, saying a new pressure reduction valve will be installed on the main water line on West Fort Street near Ed's Body Shop, a necessity because of the new criminal justice center. He explains.

Hook said the PRV valve is currently shut off in the winter to keep it from freezing, and the new valve will be able to run through the winter without freezing.

Hook asked the Council to fund the $4,000 in fittings needed to install the valve out of the Citywide Water/Sewer Repair fund. The valve was purchased by Johnson County, and was valued by Hook at $12,000.

The valve, he told the Council, needed to be replaced at some point anyway, whether by the City or the County, but by the County purchasing the valve, it moved the replacement higher on the City's priority list.

The Council agreed to pay the $4,000 for fittings and approved the replacement of the valve, which will be done later this year.


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