Buffalo Council Tables Engineer at Request of Citizen

Buffalo Council Tables Engineer at Request of Citizen

The Buffalo City Council voted to table the hiring of a joint city/county engineer after hearing an explanation of why he thought the position was unnecessary from concerned citizen Ron Williams.

Williams, who himself is an engineer, said he had a number of questions concerning the proposed new position, but was unable to get complete information from city employees on the matter. The information he did get, he said, was erroneous and misleading at best.

He explains further.

After Williams finished, Mayor Randy Dyess told those attending that he, at every previous meeting where the engineer was discussed, said he did not think the position would save money, and that if it came out net neutral, he thought it a good idea to have someone on the payroll that would look after the best interests of the city and county.

Councilman Bill Hawley also wanted to make sure everyone knew the council's decision was not meant to be a condemnation of any city employee.

The council will investigate the position further and readdress it in January.

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