Buffalo Council Passes Appropriation Bill On First Read

Buffalo Council Passes Appropriation Bill On First Read

At their meeting Tuesday, the Buffalo City Council passed their 2013-14 appropriations bill, Ordinance No. 1363, on first reading.

Mayor Randy Dyess explains more about the Ordinance.

This was only the first reading, and the council apparently did not have 100% buy-in on the appropriations, with Councilmen Dave Long and Russ Humphrey questioning where some of the money was going.

After lengthy discussions on how the budget works, Bill Weber, Sr., who was in attendance, asked the council if they discuss the budget outside of the council meetings.

After more discussion the council voted to accept the appropriations bill on first reading 4-1 with Councilman Dave Long voting “nay.”

Again the full appropriation is for $15,225,504 with $7.4 million going to capital improvements. $552,000 will be going to outside agencies through the severance tax and one-percent tax. The city will pull $1.9 million from reserves for capital improvements.

A break down of funds going to outside agencies through severance and one-percent:

Severance Tax and One-percent allocations:
Buffalo Downtown Association $37,000
CASA, $8,700
Chamber of Commerce, $12,000
Golf Course, $10,000
Skeet Club, $500
Children's Center, $15,800
Mental Health, $10,000
Senior Center, $20,700
YMCA, $30,000
Criminal Justice Center JPB, $5,000
Grouse Mt. Archery Club, $800
Sr. Center Rent and agreement, $30,405
Equipment Fund, $19,000
Building Maintenance, $20,000
Family Crisis Center, $4,250
Chamber Visitor's Center $28,700
Chamber Operations $30,000
Boys' and Girls Club Of The Eastern Bighorns, $45,000
Jim Gatchell Museum, $48,202
Rec Center, $85,000
Senior Center, $22,500
Buffalo Development Association , $20,000
Library, $10,000
Solid Waste District, $40,000
YMCA, $56,500
Chip and seal/dispatch tires, $182,888
Capital Improvement Fund, $560
Recycling Center, $85,000

Total: $552,157

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