Buffalo Council At Odds Over Title, Raise

Buffalo Council At Odds Over Title, Raise

Buffalo's City Council is at odds with each other again, this time over a title and raise given to City Clerk/Treasurer Julie Silbernagel.

Mayor Randy Dyess explained that since Buffalo became a First-Class City two years ago, the number of new requirements placed on her office by the state have increased Silbernagel's duties enough to warrant the eight-percent raise and change in title to Administrative Services Director, making her position come in-line with similar positions elsewhere in the state.

After the mayor explained what the change was about, Councilman Dave Long asked why the council wasn't informed of or involved in the decision to give the raise or change of title.

The council continued discussing the issue, with Councilman Long still saying he had no vote in the matter.
The opinion of City Attorney Ben Kirven was that discussing it in the budget sessions and then voting on the budget essentially is voting for the raise, saying the title is irrelevant.

Councilman Bill Hawley suggested again the council vote on the

During discussions before the vote, Councilman Long said he was against the amount of the raise, and Councilman Russ Humphrey said he was against the raise because the council had not approved salary increases for city employees and did not want to upset them.

Councilmen Long and Humphrey voted against the raise and title change while Councilmen Hawley and Stan Lakin voted for it.
The deciding vote was cast by the mayor in favor.

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