Buffalo Council Discusses Water Line Again

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess
Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess

The Buffalo City Council, at last week's meeting, discussed the water line on Fairgrounds Road, again deciding it is the County that is responsible for resolving the issue with the landowners in the area.

The issue is that landowners were told if they allowed the County to build a water line across their property to service the fairgrounds, they would be able to hook onto the line and receive City water for their homes.

These agreements were supposedly made before the new line was put in a few years ago, but the City cannot allow the landowners to hook onto the line unless the City is given easements and the landowners pay their tap fees. The landowners claim the County did not inform them of the fee or easement requirements.

The stalemate has happened because the line is owned by the County, but City water is being supplied to the fairgrounds. The line must be turned over to the City at some point for the City to maintain it, but that cannot happen without easements from the landowners.

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess explained the problem to the landowners at the meeting.

The landowners must now approach the county again to try to resolve the issue.

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