Buffalo Council Denies Waiving of Fees for County

Buffalo Council Denies Waiving of Fees for County

The Buffalo City Council, at their meeting Tuesday night, denied a request from the Johnson County Commissioners to waive the fees associated with the proposed new recycling center which the county is funding.

The fees include water and sewer tap fees and building permit fees which total $5,900 which would go into city coffers.

Commissioner Smokey Wildeman addressed the city council and officially requested the city waive the fees for the building.

Discussions followed, including councilman Bruce Hepp pointing out that the county has more revenue sources than the city, and fees and sales taxes are what the city survives on, and that he felt the county should pay their fees.

Councilmen Bill Hawley and Stan Lakin, along with city planner Zach Montgomery, all thought it was in everyone's best interest to waive the fees in the spirit of cooperation between the entities.

Commissioner Wildeman told the council that if the fees were not waived, the county would have no choice but to not install fencing and curb and gutter on the site, as they have already budgeted a set amount for the project.

Mayor Randy Dyess' company, Wyoming Woodworks, is building the recycling center, and he recused hinself from the discussions and the vote on the matter.

The vote was split 2-2 with councilmen Hepp and Russ Humphrey voting against waiving the fees, and councilmen Hawley and Lakin voting for waiving the fees.

With Dyess' deciding vote not there, the request to waive the fees was denied.

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