Buffalo Council Approves Liquor License Renewals

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess
Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess

Buffalo's City Council approved the renewal applications for Liquor Licenses for businesses within the city limits at their last council meeting.

One question came up in discussions for the renewals, with Councilman Dave Long asking about a particular license owned by Don Seals Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Ray's Liquor.

The business has been closed, and Long asked what the status was before he voted to renew the license.

Mayor Randy Dyess said at the meeting the company has another year before they have to do something with it and then the council can extend it for another year past that point if they so choose.

He explained further after the meeting.

Liquor Licenses renewed by the Buffalo City Council for 2015:

American Legion Post #13;a Limited Retail Liquor License
Arts Along the Bighorns d/b/a Carousel Social Club; a Limited Retail Liquor License.
Buffalo Golf Club, Inc. d/b/a Buffalo Golf Club; a Limited Retail Liquor License.
High Plains Pizza, Inc. d/b/a Pizza Hut #210; a Restaurant Liquor License.
Tuma, Inc. d/b/a Bozeman Trail Steakhouse; a Retail Liquor License.
JCE, Inc. d/b/a Century Club; a Retail Liquor License.
Williams City Liquor, LLC d/b/a Williams City Liquor; a Retail Liquor License.
DJ's Liquor Store, LLC d/b/a DJ's Liquor Store, LLC; a Retail Liquor License.
Occidental Wyoming, LLC d/b/a Occidental Hospitality; a Retail Liquor License.
Don Seals Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Ray's Liquor, a Retail Liquor License.
Wahoo Likkers, Inc. d/b/a Wahoo Likkers; a Retail Liquor License.
LBCB, LLC d/b/a Crazy Woman Liquors; a Retail Liquor License.
Maverik, Inc. d/b/a Maverik, Inc. #422 a Retail Liquor License.
Timberline Hospitalities, LLC d/b/a Hampton Inn and Suites; a Retail Liquor License.
American Outback Productions, LLC d/b/a Up In Smoke a Retail Liquor License.
Clear Creek Cantina; a Bar and Grill Liquor License.
SOP Buffalo, LLC d/b/a Pie Zanos; a Bar and Grill Liquor License.
Clear Creek Brewing Co.; a Microbrewery License.


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