Buffalo Council Adjusts Overtime, Comp Time For BPD

Buffalo Council Adjusts Overtime, Comp Time For BPD

The Buffalo City Council, at last week's meeting, passed Resolutions 1345, concerning overtime, and 1346, concerning comp time, changing the city's personnel policy for employees of the Buffalo Police Department.

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder explained that the previous policy did not allow overtime pay to officers until they reached 172 hours within a 28 day pay period. If an officer worked legitimate extra hours but then had a sick day and didn't meet the 172 hours, they did not receive overtime pay.

The revised personnel policy will allow the officers' pay period to run from Monday through Sunday, and any hours worked over 40 in that week would be overtime, bringing the BPD in line with other city departments.

Mayor Randy Dyess and Chief Carder discussed the issue further.

Comp time was then discussed with overtime.

The council voted to accept Resolution No. 1345 concerning overtime, but No. 1346 was passed on a 3-1 vote with Councilman Russ Humphrey voting against it, saying he would prefer to see the department wait to implement comp time until after the new overtime policy had been in effect for awhile.

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