Buffalo Contacts Bond Co. Of Wastewater Plant Contractor

Buffalo's Waste Water Treatment Plant
Buffalo's Waste Water Treatment Plant

In a move designed to add pressure to the contractor that built Buffalo's new wastewater treatment plant, the city has contacted the bond company, telling them there is warranty work that needs to be performed by the contractor, Hydro Construction of Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess said there is a tear in a liner in one of the sewage ponds at the plant. Although the city wants the problem fixed, there is redundancy built into the plant and it is operational even with the problem.

He explains what the issue is between the city and the contractor.

Dyess said if the contractor chooses not to fix the tear, then the city will more than likely fix it themselves and pursue other avenues to try to get reimbursed for the project.

Contacting the bond company is just one step in the process, he said, and he hopes the contractor will just repair the damage and be done with it. Litigation would not seem to be an option because the $25,000 estimated cost to repair the damage would not make that option cost-effective.


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