Buffalo Comprehensive Plan Needs Updated

Buffalo Comprehensive Plan Needs Updated

Buffalo's new city planner Lynn Barrett has been busy over the last few weeks, mainly with issues concerning the planning commission.

Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2007, is a good document, but is now seven years old. Typically these documents tend to be updated every five years or so.
The council gave permission for the Planning Commission to update the document and prepare it for public meetings for input when they have completed the update.

A prospective business owner wants to rent portable, generator-operated LED signs to other businesses in Buffalo and has a request before the planning commission to see if there is any regulation or city statute against it.
Barrett said there are hardly any sign Ordinances in the city except what the Buffalo Downtown Association has adopted for the downtown corridor.

Barret said it will be a process, involving the city council and public input. Currently there are few regulations and many loopholes and the Planning Commission wants to get this resolved sooner than later.

Additionally, she said the BDA Board will be looking at adopting uniform size, placement, color, and other more specific guidelines for the downtown corridor.

Barrett said she recently had a n inquiry about the possibility of running a tattoo parlor as a home business in Buffalo. Although that is prohibited, there are no other guidelines as to where, what zones could they be located in, etc. in the city code book.
Barrett will be gathering information from other communities to see how they have handled them, and will also look into sexually-oriented businesses while she is at it, saying these are the types of things to have guidelines for before actually needing them.

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