Buffalo Closer to Agreements for Water Line Easements

Buffalo City Council
Buffalo City Council

Buffalo City Attorney Ben Kirven reported to the City Council last week that he is closer to completing easement agreements with landowners between the city's water treatment plant and the city limits west of town for a new water distribution line.

Kirven said he had reached tentative agreements with one landowner that had requested a water tap on the line that will cross his property, and that the owners of the Bald Mountain Trailer Park want three water taps, grading on some of their roads and an upgrade to their fence that will need to be torn down to lay the water line.

They currently have a barb-wire fence and would like the City to install a split-rail vinyl fence in its place. The ballpark figure for the fence, Kirven said, was between $4,000 and $4,500, although he is waiting on an estimate.

And they had one other request for the easement, he said.

The Council had no decision to make as of last week, but Kirven will keep them informed on the progress of the negotiations.


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