Buffalo City Council Intros Ordinance Banning "Spice"

Buffalo City Council
Buffalo City Council

The Buffalo City Council, at their regular meeting Tuesday, approved on first reading an ordinance banning the sale, use and possession of certain intoxicating substances, commonly referred to as “Spice.”

Buffalo Mayor Skip Hancock introduced the ordinance to the council.

Spice has caused a number of high school-age kids in Wyoming to become sick, and the City has taken a very proactive stance on banning the substance after discovering it was for sale at some local establishments. It has since been removed from the stores.

The City's ordinance will establish the use, sale or possession of the substance as a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $750.

In other Council business, a request by Hot Iron, Inc. for the City to reverse an earlier decision to withhold $7,000 in liquidated damages for the company not meeting the substantial completion date on the Tisdale/Lobban Streets project was rejected by the Council.

The Council approved a request from Steve Grimshaw of Grimshaw Apartments to waive the moratorium on street cuts in the Shiloh Subdivision. The street cuts are needed to install water and sewer taps for the new apartment complex.

Councilman Bruce Hepp requested that Public Works Director Les Hook look into placing a speed trailer on French Creek Road to help slow traffic in the area.

The point of this is that

The point of this is that there are forms that contain thc and they produce a euphoric effect. You would be suprised at how many incidents involve this new 'drug'. The latest one i recall involved four teens that ran into a house with a car at a very high rate of speed; huffing was also involved. When drugs can cause people to do careless things and practically kill themselves while putting other innocent people at risk, i would hope our government would take an interest to at least protect the potential victims from such a substance.


So now we have a "federally legal spice" that replicates or mimics the effects of Cannabis. Which cannabis? Indica or Sativa? and which strain of cannibis? There are at least several hundred if not thousands. Some have more cannabinoids then THC or vice versa. Has an official study of Spice been done? Maybe just the higher ups need another thing to complain about. Did you know you get high or even poisoned from Nutmeg?

Overdose on this synthetic drug spice can cause you to puke. You can research it at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spice_(drug) As of yet there has not been any medically documented (google it) cases of people over dosing on natural marijuana use.

Here's the point: Federal government says Spice is legal and states are trying to make it illegal. Several states are saying medical marijuana is legal and the Federal government makes it illegal. Isnt this just irony? WTF

I do not use either one. Are there not more serious issues at hand in our nation. People are out of work, surviving pay check to pay check, the price of all consumer goods went up a couple of years ago and never came down. Have you watched your utility bill rates or how about you rent increases. This year my rent went up 40% and wages went down. My MDU bill goes up each month. No joke. Majority of wages have remained the same and in most cases gone down. All benefits have been cut. Did you notice even your car insurance premiums have increased significantly. Healthcare costs still rising and would have done so with or without Obama. For the last 30 years Health care premiums have continued and will continue to rise. What about child molesters and child murderers? Those are serious issue, not Spice. I wish December 21, 2012 was here. The end is nie!!!!!! thank goodness.

A CITY banning a LEGAL

A CITY banning a LEGAL substance? Wow. Gotta love Wyoming. And no, I'm not a teenager nor a drug user.

Anything would be legal

Anything would be legal before being made illegal, right? It has synthetic THC in it. It is being used by kids and people on probation because it isn't detectable in drug tests. Even though it is supposed to be an alternative to marijuana, it is has some very adverse side effects and people are ending up making ER visits. It is a new substance and states all over are in the process of making it illegal, including Wyoming. This is unstudied dangerous crap that shouldn't be smoked. Kudos to Buffalo.

Wyoming is actually less

Wyoming is actually less restrictive on this than many other states, as there is no state regulation here.

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi Missouri, Oregon and Tennessee have all passed laws banning synthetic cannabis.

Several other states are considering similar action, including Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, New York and Ohio.


What is this stuff? I don't think I have ever heard of it but it must be fairly common if it was on store shelves.

"Spice" is a brand name for

"Spice" is a brand name for synthetic cannabis.


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