Buffalo City Attorney Updates Council On Wastewater Plant

Buffalo's waste water treatment plant
Buffalo's waste water treatment plant

City Attorney Ben Kirven gave a report to the city council at their meeting this week, updating them on various projects he is currently working on the issues at the city's waste water treatment plant.

The plant was completed two years ago and the city and the contractor have have been at odds over a number of issues at the facility, with the main issue being a tear in a liner at one of the sewage lagoons.

The city wants the liner fixed, but the contractor has maintained it was not responsible for the tear and therefore not liable for the costs involved with fixing it.

Kirven, the contractor, their legal representatives and the bond company have been in ongoing discussions for nearly two years to try and reach an agreement, but so far have been unable to do so.

Kirven said at the meeting that his suggestion, after months and months of correspondence between those involved, is to come up with a hard number for repairs to the liner and then begin negotiating a deal and settle for what it will cost to fix.

The cost will be calculated and Kirven will bring the info back to the council for their recommendation.


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