Buffalo Chamber Luncheon Focuses On Obamacare

Buffalo Chamber Luncheon Focuses On Obamacare

This month's Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Luncheon featured Brad Johnson with Covenant Insurance discussing how the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or more commonly, Obamacare will affect those of us here in Wyoming and the Nation.

Johnson said currently, 17% of Wyoming residents have no insurance and based on laws that will take effect this year and in coming years through Obamacare, those 17% will especially need to get informed of coming changes to the healthcare system, but that all of us will be affected by the changes in some way.

Part of the problem is the “moving target” that Obamacare has become, with constant changes based on interpretations of the law. That should become even more interesting in the coming years as there are currently 53 court cases in the system pertaining to ACA.

Smaller employers, those who employ less than 30 people, were once thought to be less affected by Obamacare have since been determined to be affected more-so than large employers.

Johnson said it is important that everyone, but especially small employers and employees understand the new laws that will take effect with Obamacare.

He explains how we can inform ourselves of the upcoming changes in healthcare system.

A place to start is to check out the website www.healthreform.gov

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