Buffalo Car Wash Owner Wants 'Fairer' Sewer Rates

Buffalo Car Wash Owner Wants 'Fairer' Sewer Rates

The Buffalo City Council, at Tuesday's meeting, heard from Buffalo's Wash Me Car Wash owner Shon Schroefel about his concerns over sewer rates he is being charged.

Shroefel pays three times the rate for sewer as he does for water, which he feels is not right. He is asking the council to cap his sewer rate at the same level as his water rate. Although he still feels this is high, he believes it is a more realistic rate for sewer.

He explains his reasoning further.

The city charges him a commercial flat rate based on the number of gallons of water used to determine his sewer rate.

The council, after some discussion, decided to revisit this issue after more information can be compiled on what other cities are doing in this situation and information gathered from City Works Director Les Hook, who was absent from the meeting, on how the chemicals from a car wash can affect the waste water treatment plant and how that affects the city's sewer rate structure.

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