Buffalo Attorney Suggests Settlement To Council On WWTP

Buffalo's waste water treatment plant
Buffalo's waste water treatment plant

Buffalo City Attorney Ben Kirven brought a settlement proposal before the city council at their last meeting, suggesting to them it might be the best solution to an ongoing issue with the waste water treatment plant.

Kirven said he had received a settlement proposal from Hydro Construction in the amount of $17,500 for a full release of claims the city has concerning the treatment plant.

Although he is in favor of the settlement, he said, he suggested the city make a counter-offer for $19,500 to cover the city's costs of pursuing the bond and other legal fees associated with the settlement.

Kirven explained what the council would be agreeing to if they accepted the settlement agreement.

The council voted to send the counter-offer to Hydro Construction.

Kirven also said whatever happens at the treatment plant from now on would be a warranty issue from the manufacturer and not through Hydro Construction.

The amount of the settlement is roughly the amount needed to fix the tear in the liner at the treatment plant, according to Mayor Randy Dyess.

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