Bras, Bras and More Bras!

They come in all sizes, shapes, styles and patterns, and they are "connecting" for a great cause this morning in downtown Sheridan. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the story.


If you're traveling down Main Street in Sheridan between 7 and 7:30 this morning, you'll be seeing bras. Lots, and lots and LOTS of bras. Dave Wooten, morning show host of 93.7 The Coyote, explains.

Originally planned for last Friday, the snowstorm necessitated a week-long postponement of the project, which actually allowed for a few more bras to be added to the total. Wooten says they have "thousands", thanks to women of all ages donating their bras. Lots of men got into the endeavor, too, gathering up the garments and bringing them to the radio station held in their fists, like pheasants after a successful hunt.

So what happens to all the bras after their moment of glory on Main Street?

Dozens of Bra Brigade volunteers are assisting The Coyote by holding up the foundation garments along Main Street. Check The Photo Album for pictures from the event.

Reporting for news, I'm Mary Jo Johnson.

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