Bozeman Trail Days

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Dr. Dumass, world famous snake oil salesman.
Dr. Dumass, world famous snake oil salesman.

The 25th Annual Bozeman Trail Days was held over this past weekend, giving visitors a taste of what life was at Fort Phil Kearny during the late 1860's.

Events began Friday night in Sheridan with a dinner and symposium featuring historians Jack McDermott and Sequoia Crosswhite. Saturday and Sunday activities moved to the fort where re-enactors brought history alive.

Cavalryman Wyatt Stanley is stationed at Fort Phil Kearny. Indians are all around the fort.

What's a soldier to do?

Fort life just wouldn't be the same without that fine purveyor of patent medicines, the snake oil salesman. Dr. Dumass -- "doo-mahs" is the French pronunciation--phonetically d-u-m, then a-s-s, and you get the drift.

Using his silver tongue, he was doing his best to convince his customers to buy Madame McKay's all-purpose body cream.

Then there's Dr. Bannet's General Medicinal World Famous Elixir.

Fort Phil Kearny was built in 1866.

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