Boys, Girls Club Starts Programs

Courtesy of Boys and Girls Club of Big Horns Website
Courtesy of Boys and Girls Club of Big Horns Website

The Johnson County Boys and Girls Club of the Big Horns is taking it to the streets in the coming months, as they participate in a new program.

Boys and Girls Club of the Big Horns Director Lisa Mueller wanted a way to help the club's attendees learn important life and job skills that could put them on the right track at at an early age

As a strong believer in civic engagement, she said, she decided the best way to learn is to get in there and do it.

The club staff has been working on the Community Connections Project for the better part of a year, she said, and so far she has made a deal with a dozen local businesses to let students as young as eight learn the ropes of different professions in the area.

Participating businesses include the First Interstate Bank, Desava Gardens and the Bank of Buffalo, among others.

President of First Interstate Bank Lynne Michelena is excited to begin this new project with the club. Students who come to the bank can learn about thinks like safety deposit boxes and how savings accounts work.

When summer begins, Mueller said, students will learn about how to take care of plants and the importance of agriculture at Desava Gardens.

These are only a couple of the connections planned for the program, she said, and the club is still looking for local businesses who wish to participate in the program.

For more information on how you can get your business involved, you can contact Lisa Mueller at 307-684-9908.

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