Bow Hunting in Sheridan: SPD Offers Registration for Deer Management Plan

(Image courtesy of Creative Commons)
(Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

The Sheridan Police Department is offering registration for the Deer Management Plan again this year, which allows bow hunting of the animals within some areas of city limits.

Sgt. Travis Koltiska says the plan requires the same things required to hunt anywhere else by the Game and Fish Department, along with a few others.

Koltiska works closely with the Game and Fish Department in research and documentation of the plan.

This is the third year they have allowed bow hunting of deer within areas of Sheridan, and the first two years each harvested 27 deer in the season. The plan was started to reduce the increasing number of deer in Sheridan. Complaints were coming in to SPD about deer damaging lawns, and two mountain lions were sighted in Sheridan in the year prior to the plan's inception.

A full map of areas that hunting is permitted is available at SPD's website, and more information can always be found by visiting SPD or calling at 672-2413.

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