BMX Track On the Move?

The Rec. District is looking at possible sites for a track for their BMX program.
The Rec. District is looking at possible sites for a track for their BMX program.

The Sheridan City Council recently adopted a conceptual plan for Thorn-Rider Park that would do away with the BMX track that's located just adjacent to the south entrance of the park. Sheridan Recreation District Director Richard Wright says that there have been several community members that have expressed interest in keeping the program alive.

Recent developments to the BMX track in the town of Douglas will provide much benefit to the program here in Sheridan.

Wright said that they have put a call into the City on a possible location near the City's waste water treatment plant just off of Fort Road. He also stated that the number of riders in the program have increased this year, and that the track is used by many others that aren't in the Rec. District's BMX program.

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Sheridan at its best

What a joke, they want to do away with a location and program that has ACTIVE members.. This is a CLASIC example of how the community responds to the youths needs. They can put in a DOG park, but do away with an ACTIVE BMX program.. They want to move it to the NORTH end of town? I remember being part of that program WAY back.. This is and was a GREAT program for kids. I'd like to see the person who was the master mind of trying to do away with this program. Must be a real winner, I hope he or she feels REAL good about themselves.. UNREAL is the only word that comes to mind. What kid wants to ride his bike to the TOTAL north end of town to practice? Looks to me like they just want this track out of sight.. sad sad sad..... Why not put money into it and try to make it a better track.. When I raced in the program, I remember having to do work on the track with Steve back when I raced.. That track never got any real funding that I knew of, its always the members that took care of it.

This is a nice location for

This is a nice location for the track, a nice safe environment for the kids to ride in. Moving it by the waste water treatment plant? Come on folks the city of Sheridan can do better that that for it's kids! If anything the track should be enlarged, or a new one built at the Thorne Rider park.

bmx track

hey, maybe they can do like the skateboarders. they can form a group, raise money, submit plans, and then ultimately be screwed over by the city and the rec dept.

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