Biotech in Wyoming And “Flying Machines”

Biotech in Wyoming And “Flying Machines”

Biotech is big business these days—except, it seems, for Wyoming. Our state is ranked last or next to last in several indicators measuring the development of this industry nation-wide.
Despite this, there are some “biotech” savvy business people around the state and in the Sheridan area who are trying to promote a stronger biotech sector. Last week's biotech conference was just the beginning—some hope—of a more concerted effort to develop and encourage Wyoming's biotech industry.
Sheridan Media's Betsy Love spoke with some of the speakers after the conference to hear what they thought were the possibilities and challenges of building biotech in Wyoming, and brings us this report:

Visionary individuals as well as governments and institutions who can focus on long-term goals may be essential for developing a viable local biotech industry.
One of the speakers, Mark Crowell from the University of Virginia, emphasized this point during his presentation at the conference. He compared the biotech industry to those “flying machines”--or the idea of them—in 1903. He said the same day the New York Times had an article saying it would essentially be millions of years before “flying machines” would take off, was the same day the Wright brothers said, “lets build”:

And while areas and states with a thriving biotech industry need to both be willing to take some risk and have have a long-term vision, he said there are areas we could quickly reap benefits as well:

Ultimately, a successful formula will include both those who say, “lets build a flying machine” and “we can fly now”:

Tomorrow we will here from a local biotech businessman who has been in the industry for decades and has overcome some of the challenges of local operations by having his bio-pharmaceutical company “everywhere and nowhere.”

For Sheridan Media dot com news, this is Betsy Love reporting.

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