Bill Would Distance Wyoming Sex Offenders And Schools

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Registered sex offenders in Wyoming
couldn't move into residences close to schools under a bill
advancing in the state House of Representatives.
The House gave preliminary approval Friday to House Bill 83, sponsored by Rep. Steve Harshman, a Republican from Casper. His bill would bar offenders from moving into residences within 2,000 feet - or roughly a third of a mile - of schools that teach students age 18 or younger.
Some other lawmakers said the restrictions would leave offenders no place to live in smaller towns. ACLU state Executive Director Linda Burt notes that Wyoming last
year cut funding for sex offender treatment programs in the prison system. She says treating offenders does more to protect children than imposing residency restrictions.

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Sex offenders are predators, they hunt far and wide restricting where they can live is no answer at all. The person that says the majority of sex offenders are young men committing statutory rape is an idiot. They are teachers, police officers, reverends, bartenders you name it they occupy it. There is no cure and women and children are in constant danger of being victimized by this scum.
Statutory rape should be dealt with on a case by case basis and should be prosecuted to the full extent.The answer to violent sex offenses that cause bodily harm to another is mandatory 25 years to life. If it is a child under 18 it is life no parole. If death occurs to the victim then death is the sentence handed down. This goes for child pornography as well.
Any sex offender released will be GPS tracked. Their vehicle low jacked and they are monitored at all times.We can keep track of anything in this day and age they just need to use the technology for the right reason.
To make room for this type of scum the judicial system needs to release non-violent drug-offenders to treatment facilities and stop handing down long costly sentences to users and allowing child rapists out on work release everyday after only being sentenced to 6 months in jail.
It is a sad state of affairs when you can get less time for raping a child then for selling a bag of weed. Ask Chelsea Kings parents if the scumbag that raped and killed her would have not done it provided he lived 2000 ft. from a school.

Sex Offender =No Rights

Sex offenders loose there right when they violate the laws on the books concerning sexual offenses! Why do we keep giving chance after chance just to see more victims of this hanous crime by the same sicko? I've stated this before and I will say it again! PUBLIC CAINING for all violators on the courthouse corner! If they violate again they loose all right to breath oxygen! There is little chance for rehab serial sex pervert except take them out of the equation! PROTECT OUR FUTURE>>>>CAIN A SEX a SEXUAL PREDATOR they get the message it won't be allowed or tolerated!

Sex offender laws???????

I have to assume that if a sex offender lives 2001 feet from a school; that he/she is going to be less of risk. Come on. The bottom line is that if someone is intent on this (or any other) crime.....he/she will probably committ the crime. If someone is not intent/inclined to committ a crime............he/she will not; regarless of any prohibitions. Honestly, are people really ignorant enough to believe that rules/laws will prevent anything? A quick review of our history will show that laws and consequences have failed miserably to detour/stop sex offences, or any other type of crime. If they were effective we would see an eventual evolution to a "no crime" society. Our history shows just the opposite. Really, the solution is much more complex than just creating law after law after law. I view these "sex offender" laws as "feel good" laws that the legislature passes to instill some sense of security/safety for the public. Anyone with half an ounce of grey matter would recognise that these laws are completely incapable of preventing crime. At best they offer a false sense of security for the public at large. The long term solution involves people living and behaving and teaching their children to live morally and with ethics. But, because many adults do not live this way..........they will not teach their children to live this way either. Any solution that requires a change by the public will just never happen. We live in a Godless society where the only God that people (not all, but most) recognise is themselves. People, we have to recognise that the people who are committing these crimes came from somewhere. They are someones child....someones brother/sister....someones husband/wife. And yes, even someones father/mother. WHY did they ever start committing sex offenses? I concur with the previous writer (and most experts) that agree that most sex offenses are committed within the immediate family unit. And, less than 5% of sex offences are committed by a previously convicted person. Hmmmm, it seems that all of these laws that our government passes will be relatively ineffective if the perpetrator is living in your home. Or, has regular access to your child. I just pray that the public will stop being sheep that are led about by a goat with a bell on it's neck. As a side note, this is the second time I have commented on this issue. It seems the media does not want to hear the truth either.

Law is sily

Not a good idea. I can understand why people are fearful. I would never want anyone to harm my son. But....

Most sexual assaults are statutory rape cases. These are consensual sex incidents involving say a 20 year old guy and 14 year old girl. Also, most victims of sexual assaults know their attacker.

So to say that there are lots of child molesters running around there peering behind trees outside of elementary schools seems a little far fetched.

You even take a town like Sheridan, go 2000 feet in each direction of every school, and I'm not sure how many areas of town are left over for these folks to live.

This just isn't reasonable. I say that knowing that most people would prefer to see every sex offender rounded up and dropped on an island in the Pacific.

You cannot limit a sex offender's access to children in this manner. A lot of these people are smart and savvy and will find other ways if they so desire.

The only thing this law does is provide a sense of false security.

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