Bill Redefines Unemployment Eligibility

Bill Redefines Unemployment Eligibility

Workers' rights organizations are troubled by one of the bills on the Governor's desk.

House Bill 237 was originated in order to deny workers unemployment benefits if they were fired for willful misconduct, but during the legislative session, was amended to read in a way that makes it seem as though a worker could be fired and denied benefits for almost any reason. Dan Neal with the Equality State Policy Center says words like “intentional” and “willing” were removed from the legislation, so that misconduct is undefined.

When the bill was introduced to the legislature, it was largely popular, but since just a few words have been changed, it's now raising red flags.

Neal says the change in language in the final version of the bill may contradict a previous decision by the United States Supreme Court. He wants the Governor to veto the bill.

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