Big Summer In 2009 Around Sheridan

As we look back on the top stories of the year, it’s time to take a look at highlights from the summer months here in Sheridan. Sheridan saw its first three cases of Swine Flu by the end of July.

Sheridan City Councilman Scott Severs resigned his seat and John Heath was chosen by the Council to replace him.

Record breaking crowds attended the Sheridan WYO Rodeo and a near fatal beating put a damper on street dance festivities during the weekend.

Sheridan County voters approved a $25 Million capital facilities tax with a poor voter turnout. Less than 25 percent of registered voters made it to the polls.

The summer ended with one of the most shocking events to happen in Sheridan for several years. Longtime Sheridan businessman Robert Ernst was murdered in his home during an apparent burglary. Three teens, Dennis Poitra, Jr., Wyatt Bear Cloud, and Dharminder Vir Sen were all charged as adults with first degree murder and aggravated burglary.

Less than a week after the murder in August a municipal judge had a run in with Bear Cloud’s older brother and several other teens outside the Judge Stuart Healy’s residence. That incident led to charges being filed against Healy in circuit court.

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Yes,Realty broker Heath was

Yes,Realty broker Heath was appointed by an anonymous council ballot,to further promote Kinskeys vision of catering to the every whim of developers and realtors in sheridan.There was only one no vote against him.It's always a real good idea to appoint a realty broker to council so that heath can now approve annexations and subdivisions and then later sell and make money off of the very properties that he approved during council meetings.

We're finally seeing the real fruit of kinskeys support of the artificial housing market in sheridan.You currently have foreclosures all over sheridan,properties owing thousands in back taxes and of course hundreds of thousands of dollars in fee waivers to developers who have skipped town and left unfinished projects,but of course got free taxpayer money out of the deal.

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