Big Goose Creek Runs Red....Well, Technically Orange

Residents of Sheridan may be asking themselves, what in the world was going on with Big Goose Creek? as it took on a reddish orange hue Tuesday. Monday's heavy rainfall was the cause says John Deutscher with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

The Red Canyon area is approximately 13 miles west of Sheridan and is a drainage feeding Big Goose Creek that is located downstream of the City's water supply intake in the Big Goose Canyon.

Deutscher said that the runoff is completely natural and that residents have nothing to worry about as the dis-colorization will have no effect on the City's drinking water.

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red canyon

I have the good fortune of owning the property through which Red Canyon runs. It's a marvel to behold at this point. What was a small, irrigation ditch-sized creeklet running though Red Canyon (which lays at about a 45 degree angle to Big Goose) was, at the apex of the storm (s) a roaring river, relatively speaking. We walked the length of it today. The water at one point was over 6 feet high. The terrain is forever changed. Trees, boulders (and a lot of disenchanted ants) were dislodged and moved 100s of yards. The bridge crossing Big Goose (where the two converge) was covered in almost 2 feet of red, lava-like water and silt. Red Canyon is a box canyon that's very narrow, with steep cliffs/mountainside on either side. It made the perfect funnel for a flash flood. In my 45 years of living here, I've never seen anything like it. The amount of water that was dumped in that area must have been a sight to see. My road gravel is gone, kaput. Debris has plugged up all culverts and drifted against fences. I will be renting earth moving equipment. Hours were spent shoveling off the mess from the bridge.


Good info

That must have been quite a sight. Thanks for sharing.

Interesting how well-defined

Interesting how well-defined the line is where the two creeks meet.

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