Berger's "Women in History" Experience

On Monday, Representative Rosie Berger was in Washington D.C. at the invitation of the White House to attend a Women in History ceremony and reception. Berger, who is on the executive committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures, was the only woman from Wyoming in attendance. The audience heard speeches from President and Michelle Obama and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. But it was another presenter who made an impact on Berger.

As special as the ceremony was for Berger, being in "the people's house" was equally impacting.

Rosie's next traveling adventures include a Council of State Governments executive meeting in Portland, OR, followed by a trip to Tunisia, where she will be an ambassador with Major General Ed Wright of the Wyoming Army National Guard. They will accompany and observe a Med-Vac training team.

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Does anyone really care what this self serving person thinks? The only reason she is elected is because no one runs against her. Don't like how she votes on issues like concealed carry? Find her naive commentary on Washington goings on pathetic? Encourage and support someone to run against her. We get what we deserve - and if we don't find better representation, this is what we deserve.

If she is a representative,

If she is a representative, who in the world does she represent? Not me when she votes on the concealed weapons bill. The people of Wyoming are ignored by the wealthy "Representatives" they are conned into electing. Or they choose the lesser of two evils candidate because they are all truly the same.

Rosie Berger

Looking at the messages here are very disenheartning, you would think that people would be proud of Rosie being selected to go and represent WY. in DC and Tunisa. I want to tell Rosie that I appreciate her service to Sheridan County in the State House and to WY.


I find it disheartening to see people like Rep.Berger undermine our gun rights, along with her promotion of a nanny state mentality. Perhaps her style of leadership would be of more use in Washington (but not as our representative). Maybe she can apply for a job in the Obama administration where her way of thinking is more mainstream.


I doubt her style of leadership is useful in any democratic venue. Please don't denegrate the Obama administration by suggesting that this typically republican person would be a good fit in any administration that is concerned with the typical American citizen.

"the people's house"

"the people's house" Is that a joke or does she really believe that? Special interests and political insiders run this country it hasn't been the "people's house" for a very long time.

And still NO ONE Cares!

And still no one cares what Rosie has done since taking her trip and voting down the concelled weapon bills! Maybe she could stay in tunisia?

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