Beer Bottles, Yes; Grandma's China, No

One way to improve Sheridan's recycling program is if well-intentioned recyclers stop trying to recycle everything -- including grandma's china. Charles Martineau, Solid Waste Manager for the City of Sheridan, says they have uses in the City for glass recyclables, but there is a greener way.

According to the City of Sheridan website, residents in Sheridan County currently each toss 7.64 pounds of garbage daily -- most of which could be recycled -- excluding grandma's broken china.

For more information about Sheridan's recycling program, visit the website:

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Great !

It 's a good way excellent to protect our envorinment!


What a waste of gramma's china. Instead of throwing it away, why not try and sell it? China, especially bone china, is very rare and very expensive. China is meant to be handed down each generation, not thrown away. How sad!

You'd get rid of a lot of

You'd get rid of a lot of the fine china problems if you didn't hve the pilot project on Scott Drive.

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