Beating the Heat

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Isis Sio beating the heat with watermelon.
Isis Sio beating the heat with watermelon.

This summer is shaping up to be one of the hottest in U.S. history. The heat has been relentless. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott went out in the sun to see what folks did to beat the heat.

For sure the “dog days” of August are upon us, but I think they strayed in at least a month or two early. It's hot outside, I mean, really hot. But for some, it's no big deal. Listen to Sara Carey.

And then there was Christina Hirsch who agrees it's been hot, but it's no big deal.

Christina moved here from Las Vegas and works at Burger King so she's used to being hot at work and play. Phoenix is desert country. So what are these ladies saying? We're a bunch of babies when it comes to heat?

But this lady beats all. It's Lara Herring visiting from the United Kingdom.

Summer sunshine, balogney, it's more like summer sunshine burn with the temps hovering near 100 for days on end. When I get in my car the steering wheel is so hot, I can't touch it until the air conditioning cranks up.

And the seat gets so hot that it could be used as a branding iron. Now, let's get real.

Carolyn Wertman knows how to beat the heat.

Must be nice. Whitney Commons has become a very popular hangout with families camped under tiny trees in tiny pieces of shade. If I wasn't so self-conscious of my fluffy body, I'd be running wild right along with the kids when the fountain came on.

Barb Jowett knows how to beat the heat.

Staying home with the air conditioning on has given Barb some time on her hands. So what did she do?

Okay...quilting in hot August temperatures? Eli Voldberg has his way of beating the heat.

Now, that sounds like a Wyoming man, alright.

Head to the mountains, stay in with air conditioning, find some shade, drink lots of water, go to Kendrick Pool and grab ice cream afterwards...all great ideas to beat the heat.

But remember, we're in Wyoming and like that lady that's taken up quilting, it won't be long 'til winter sets in. Then we'll have to figure out how to beat the winter blues.

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